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マリー Song of the Fallen Angel

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Crude. Foulmouthed.
Gullible. Curious.

Marie is an entity still getting accustomed to humanity and all it has to offer. She's blunt to a fault and her sarcasm makes it worse, though beyond the rough exterior, she has a childlike curiosity regarding the world around her. The manner in which she goes about things are wholly unorthodox, yet somehow awkward tension and silence rarely occurs (on her end).

>You are wandering about the mall when you notice the young woman staring listlessly into the window of a store. She seems to be looking at lingerie. She looks confused.

>What do you do?

  • Give a hard slap to her ass
  • Recommend something
  • Make a move on her
  • Make small talk
  • Ignore her



“Someone seems to  have missed me as much as I have missed her.” Yukari didn’t mind being pinned against the wall, no in fact she rather liked it, especially when the one doing it was this beautiful creature in her arms. Slowly her hands slid under Marie’s shirt to rub the bare skin of her back, looking into her lovely eyes. “Marie…..Stay with me.” The simple words, the plea behind them, made her meaning clear.

Of course Marie had already made the decision to stay with Yukari for the night. Even if, by some chance, something would of sought to prevent them from doing so, she probably would of attacked it. Without words, allowing her actions to answer, she hiked a hand up Yukari’s skirt in a direct manner fitting her attitude towards someone she was comfortable with in such a way. Hips pressing forward against the adorable and albeit visually pleasing woman, Mariko slid her hand back to grasp at the other’s bottom shamelessly. 

Someone was overeager.



“Well I might be after you.” Little kisses trailed back up as she slowly turned the girl in her arms around, the kisses trailing along her cheek as Marie was turned, until the final one gently placed on her lips. “You have been gone for so long Marie-chan, I missed you.” Another kiss to the lips followed the words but this one wasn’t gentle and her tongue pushed into Marie’s mouth, slowly gliding along her own, wrapping around it gently.

Her heart pounded violently in her chest as she began to become riled by the other’s sensual insistence. Pushing into the kiss, soft lips plush against the other’s, she battled the woman’s tongue for dominance. Breaking the wet kiss, she walked into Yukari, pressing her to the wall. “I know.” Marie replied simply. She wasn’t exactly the apologetic type, but her expression was enough. 



“Heheh.” Akihiko scratched his head nervously. Marie was a little too close, but it wasn’t a bother at all. “No worries. I know this place like the back of my hand. Anywhere you feel like going? To eat, to buy stuff, whatever?”

Still looking up to him, soft and pink lips pinched together in something akin to concern in regards to his question. He’d already thought she was weird, that much was simple to ascertain and it felt…embarrassing.

"Is there a place nearby that has beef steak sk-…skuuw…skewers?" She finally managed to etch out, remembering out to pronounce the word. Even worse than the impending embarrassment was the feeling of looking outrageously idiotic.


“What if someone is after you?” The archer teased trailing kisses down her neck to her shoulder. “Because no one said otherwise.” Her fingers slowly walked up one arm while the one that was over her eyes walked down her neck, featherlight touches playing along her skin.

"A-after me how?" She replied, blushing heatedly. Despite only resembling a human being, her anatomy was surprisingly identical. Every erogenous zone yielded a twitch and whimper from the woman whom was growing increasingly flustered. 


How do you think that hard just to say you’re bored…? “Oh, well… I’m fine. I just finished my afternoon run, so I’m a bit wiped. Still, I’m good.”


Akihiko pondered for a bit, but stopped when an idea popped up in his head. “Hey. I was thinking of walking around the place to find something to do. Since, you know, there has to be something to do in this heat. Wanna come with?”

This guy had to of been judging her. He had judgey eyes, after all. 

Approaching his personal space and intruding it, she looked up to him and nodded, arms still crossed in expectation. “Of course I do. Just don’t be some weird creep. I’ve only been here a few times, so I don’t know anything.”

isis-personalis-sagittarius replied to your post: W…

Nibbling the velvet poets ear, “Oh that’s no fun my little poet, how’d you figure me out so quickly?”

Marie leaned back into the other, embracing the sensation granted upon her. As that shiver ran through her spine, her lithe frame arched, the voice snaking into her body. “You’re lucky I did,” She replied grouchily, “Or I would of beat you up. You surprised me. I thought someone was after me. Youbigstupidjerk…”

Walks up behind Marie, having missed her for the longest time, slipping her hand over her eyes from behind and whispering in the quietest voice she could so as not to be recognized, "Guess who."

Standing motionless for a moment, Marie had to hold herself from attacking the stranger until she heard a familiar voice. “Yukari?”



“I’m… Akihiko. Akihiko Sanada.” The boxer waved at the rather strange girl in front of him. Is she okay? It’s as if she has multiple personalities or something… Ah, well. Nothing I can’t handle, I guess. And she does seem friendly. “How ya’ doin’?”

Akihiko? Is that a good name? How do you know if a name is good? I think it’s cool…

"How am I doing?" She questioned, trying to sound unassuming and well-versed in human conversation. She’d been at it for a while now, but some things just didn’t take. "I-I’m bored." She replied with a certain air of confidence to that indecisive stammer. "Er…how about you?"

Why does he care ‘how I’m doing’? What a weirdo.